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India's first Multilingual, Safe and Inclusive Dating App which provides a delightful dating experience in one’s own language. The multilingual UI experience of flutrr enables users to experience online dating in their preferred language(s). We bring cutting edge technology to enhance the match- making algorithm on the app which goes beyond just the desirability of profiles on the platform.

At flutrr, we are on a constant quest to use technology and linguistics to eliminate language barriers and other societal barriers which arise in the online dating space in India currently. Our goal is to provide an immersive yet safe environment for individuals to find their right and meaningful match without having to purchase expensive premium subscriptions.




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flutrr Edge

At flutrr, we have laid the foundation for some extremely important features which help improve the online experience significantly. Our teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that flutrr provides the best possible experience while our users try to find their perfect match on flutrr.

Multilingual UI

flutrr is currently available in English, Hindi and Bengali and will soon be available in 8 more Indian languages, including the 4 South Indian languages. Users on flutrr can switch between app languages with ease at any given instant. The UI transforms itself into the chosen language making the experience extremely wholesome. Now language will not be a barrier!

Selfie Verified Profiles

Safety of users is our top priority when it comes to the online dating experience. We have built in a proprietary selfie verification technology which helps ensure that profiles on flutrr are genuine and not any form of impersonation. We have spent hours and tested this technology rigorously to make it as accurate as possible.

No Expensive Premium Subscriptions

We do not have expensive premium subscriptions on flutrr. Users on flutrr enjoy a premium experience at a very affordable pay-per-use style. Users only pay for what they need! That’s right, you get to choose your experience boosters on the app at very low prices. At flutrr, users are given the choice of purchasing additional experience boosters like a Profile boost, Rewind, Super-Like, extra Right Swipes at prices as low as INR 10.

Next Generation Chatting and Interaction Technology

We have spent countless hours enhancing the one-to-one chat experience on flutrr, which allows users to dive deeper into a conversation while interacting with their matches online. We have made the chat UI extremely user friendly and fluid with support for stickers and reactions as well. We have also integrated translation mechanics within the chat interface for users to eliminate language barriers while interacting with other users from various parts of India.

Safety is our first priority

Online Dating in India is often considered unsafe and unreliable. At flutrr, we make Safety the foremost priority for our users, especially women users. We have built in some reliable safety protocols like Private Mode Messaging which helps keep the chat data safe and secure between the two people chatting.

Our app does not permit any form of Screenshots or Screen Recording which keeps Women Profiles safe from being circulated and thereafter calling upon a threat of cyber stalking and bullying. Video Calls have a unique Blur Filter which can be used to not reveal your entire identity to the other unknown person after matching and chatting. Only reveal yourself when you feel comfortable.

All New Proprietary Matching Algorithm

flutrr’s proprietary matching algorithm is based on the user's passion thereby promising more meaningful matches to a user going beyond the superficial desirability based on looks and proximity alone. Our algorithm also uses ancient Indian sciences of Numerology and Astrology to find potential matches for users on the platform.

The flutrr Experience

A Dating App for Bharat - All New Multilingual UI & Experience

flutrr is India's First Vernacular Dating App which provides a delightful dating experience in one’s own language. It features a Multilingual UI which is never seen before on Dating Platforms in India.

A new era of Match-Making

Find your perfect match! At flutrr, we use a new generation of matching algorithms which takes from ancient Indian and Vedic sciences of Astrology and Numerology. This enhances the matching experience on the dating app and helps users find more meaningful connections on the platform.

Connect and Chat like never before

We have made the chat UI extremely user friendly and fluid with support for stickers and reactions as well. We have also integrated translation mechanics within the chat interface for users to eliminate language barriers while interacting with other users from various parts of India.

Safety and Privacy at its best!

We have not compromised on the safety of our users at all times. At flutrr, we have reformed the way Safety and Privacy is defined on Dating Apps in India. We bring to you an arsenal of Safety and Privacy Features to enhance your online dating experience.

With state of the art mechanics of Private Mode Messaging, one-to-one personal messaging never felt this secure and good. Now, you can even Blur yourself during ongoing Video Calls to avoid any form of cyber bullying or harassment in the future. Our chatting mechanics also employ tools like the Profanity Filter to filter our inappropriate images and messages you receive.
We value the Safety and Privacy of our users!

Wallet Friendly Experience

Unlike the rest, we do not have expensive subscriptions on flutrr. Yes! You read that right! Our Pay-per-Use model redefines the way premium experience on dating apps work. Our users can purchase experience booster tools at any given time for as low as INR 10* . Our experience booster tools like Super-Like, Rewinds, Profile Boosts help enhance the already amazing experience a notch more. Gone are the days when Dating App Subscriptions were more expensive than your Netflix account.

The Team Behind flutrr

From the desk of co-founders

Kaushik Banerjee

Founder & CEO

Flutrr is an Inclusive Online Dating platform. We do not discriminate against people based on their caste, creed, religion or sexual preferences. Therefore as a logical extension we are Multilingual. India has a diversity of languages and we seek to empower the Non-English population to choose their dating partners in their own language. The safety and security of women in the digital world has prompted us to build proprietary safety features for women into our product.
The next few years will see millions of Indians from non-English speaking population join the internet from the hinterlands. Online dating and online romance will boom in this group.

We want you to "ride that wave flutrr!"

Anil Pathak


We have created flutrr as a space where people can be themselves and converse in the language in which they are most comfortable. We match people based not just on looks but on their passions and interests – this makes the flow of conversation easier. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a chat where people are struggling to find something to say.
India is already in the middle of a great awakening and we want to be a part of it. We don’t care about your colour, your gender or your sexual preferences – everybody is welcome and we will always do our best to make you comfortable.

We want you to "feel the flutrr!"

Suhrid Devsharma

Co-Founder and
Chief Strategy Officer

My first reaction to the idea behind flutrr was 'empowerment and freedom of expression for the next generation of aspiring Indians'. I believe the power of vernacular will unleash the potential of the company and raise it to great heights. It is my pleasure and privilege to be part of this historic enterprise that seeks to change mindsets and bring about positive change.

Language should never be the barrier when it comes to finding love!

Anirban Banerjee

Co-Founder and
Chief Marketing Officer

Well, let’s just say, people try to solve the problem they face the most first. That’s where my journey with flutrr began. I used dating apps for a while after I parted ways with my then girlfriend and I failed to get any meaningful match thereafter. As a result, we started designing a new dating app experience for people which revolved around the concept of finding meaningful matches. We truly mean it, when we say the terms Multilingual, Safe and Inclusive Dating App based around one’s Passion. We at flutrr, are constantly trying to achieve the best possible online dating experience for everyone, and together with our users, I am sure we will reach the benchmark one day.

Till then, keep shining and flutrring!

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